HIPA Features

As a full-featured international hockey club, HIPA provides members with all the same features you would expect to see from your local hockey club, with only one significant difference - we're borderless.

Our club boasts members from all over the world and participates in regular tours and tournaments to guarantee our members the continuous opportunity to watch, play and enjoy more hockey with more people in more places around the world.


Our social networking website is loaded with features to help you tailor your hockey experience in exactly the way you want...

...we also organize real hockey participation in tours and tournaments around the world for our members to join.

The following features are available from HIPA to help you tailor your international hockey experience to your own personal needs.

Share Hockey Experiences

Create and update your hockey CV to share with your Teammates

  • Enjoy the benefits of membership in an int'l hockey club tailored specifically to you
  • Keep in touch with friends & team-mates and share your experiences online
  • Re-live an old tour or tournament through blogs, pictures and video

Connect with Friends

Connect with HIPA members, Facebook friends and more

  • Play hockey with other HIPA members in a tour or tournament anywhere in the world
  • Find a club or a job or a contact through your very own global hockey network

Join Tours and Events

Locate hockey tournaments and events around the world and join them with just a click

  • Join a HIPA organized tour or tournament as an individual, group or team
  • Participate in club socials and gain exclusive access to global hockey events

News from the World of Hockey

Keep updated with the latest happenings in the World of Hockey

  • Keep up with global hockey news through our regular RSS feeds
  • Get updates through classifieds and blogs from hockey enthusiasts like yourself
  • Ask our coaches, trainers and nutritionists for hockey-specific advice

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