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Tue, Jun 2nd 2015, 15:16

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Hello HIPA members,
May is nearly passed and another awesome HIPA tour is in the books.  We have the winner of our #Whatdoyoudoforhockey T-shirt contest to announce and we have a new campaign to introduce.  As usual, we invite you to join us on one of our exciting tours.
I’m always happy to hear from our club members.  So let me know what you think of our monthly newsletters or whatever else is on your mind.  Enjoy the rest of the NHL playoffs.  Only four teams remain! 
Yours in hockey,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

Tour Wrap-up:

Montreal Quebec Canada May 1-3
Our May 2015 tour to Montreal Quebec Canada marked HIPA’s third trip to this amazing city.   This year’s tour team represented three Canadian provinces, specifically Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba and welcomed five new touring members to the club.
HIPA tour veterans and former featured HIPA members Jonathan Payan and David Berube represented Quebec and Manitoba respectively.  Ontario based tour members who added to their tour cap collection were Lee Warywoda, Michael MacDonald, Kent Holmes, Andrew Dill, Paul de Verteuil and Patrick Chauvet.   Filling out the team and earning their first HIPA tour cap were Vince Seguin, Gary Beisheim, Bourk Boyd, Kevin Torrie and netminder Dino Pomponio.
Some great stories emerged from this group of players.  While childhood friends and hockey teammates Paul and Michael reunited on the inaugural Montreal tour (2013) and again on HIPA’s 2014 and 2015 Montreal tours, it was the reunion of childhood friends Kent, Gary, Bourk and Kevin that took centre stage this year!  With two living in Toronto and the other two in Ottawa, it had been nearly 25 years since they were last on the ice together.  It didn’t take long for them to reunite.  Whether it was on the ice, at the bar or anywhere else in Montreal, it was clear these guys were happy to be hanging out together again.
We went to Montreal to play some hockey, but we were fortunate to catch some big time sporting events on television too.  Friday night started with a team meal and bonding while watching the Canadiens (Montreal’s beloved NHL team) start a second round Stanley Cup playoff series at home vs the Tampa Bay Lightening.  The city centre was electric as Jeanette Reno kicked off the evening with the Canadian National anthem.  The game headed toward overtime as HIPA stepped onto the ice.  That night, both teams were as eager to track what was happening downtown in the Bell Centre as what was happening in our own game!  When the night was over, Les Canadiens were trailing 0-1 in their series while HIPA was 1-0 for the tournament!
On Saturday, HIPA competed hard in two games splitting the results and finished the tournament round robin with a 2-1 record, good enough to qualify for the Silver Championship game on Sunday.  However, before settling in for much needed sleep, the boys enjoyed some tour traditions then headed downtown to see what Montreal nightlife had to offer.  Our timing could not have been more perfect as taxis dropped us off on St. Catherine street just minutes before the long awaited and over-hyped Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match.  Though the fight didn’t live up to expectations, watching the event together in Montreal will forever be part of HIPA folklore.
Despite some rather tired eyes, our boys proved they can BRING IT on Sunday morning.  A solid victory earned HIPA the “Silver Championship” title adding yet another positive tour memory!
Montreal proved once again to be an amazing hockey tour destination and another tour full of characters, both veterans and rookies alike proved HIPA’s borderless hockey concept is gaining momentum! 


Congratulations to Matt McCarthy from who earned himself a HIPA t-shirt for sending us an awesome video demonstrating what he does for hockey. Do yourself a favour and click on this link to see the winning video:
But don’t stop there, let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey ?

Announcing HIPA’s 2015 Membership Campaign

If you missed out on our recent swag give-aways, don’t worry because we are giving away more free stuff! 
For the months of June, July and August, HIPA will be giving away club swag to the member who recruits the most new members!  That’s right, all you do is tell your friends about HIPA and direct them to where they can join the club.  Don’t forget, they will need to identify you as their referral when they reply to our president’s welcome email.

Whoever gets the most referrals each month wins!
2015 Coming HIPA Tours:

Toronto (Oshawa) Canada August 7 – 9

A COED Puck (Hockey) and Beach (Volley Ball) tour to Toronto (Oshawa) Ontario Canada in August 7 – 9.  This tour will be a bit different from our standard hockey only tournaments, but promises to be just as fun.  Join Now!

Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A October 23 – 25
Our extremely popular year-end tour to Las Vegas is filling up fast!  With enough interest, we might be able to take two teams on this tour.  Be sure to register early and invite a few friends to play hockey with you in Las Vegas!
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