June Newsletter 2015

Thu, Jul 30th 2015, 15:22

Borderless Hockey News June 2015

Hello fellow HIPA members,
June has come and gone quickly!  Things have finally slowed down slightly.  I’ve stepped outside the arenas recently and believe it or not, the sun is shining strong!
Lord Stanley has a familiar home for another year.  The media headlines are dominated by talk of free agency, trades and entry draft. The hockey world now slides into the “off-season”. 
What better time to give away some HIPA swag?  Check out our campaigns below.
HIPA tours will heat up again later this year.  And we are already accepting registration for some of the biggest tours of 2016. 
It’s always great to hear from club members, please don’t hesitate to let me know how HIPA can help make your hockey life even better!
Yours in hockey,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President


Check out the commitment of the “Unknown Goalie”!  Yep, he’s riding a bicycle, pulling is goalie gear in a stroller.  If I can find this guy, who was photographed in Ottawa Ontario Canada, I’m going to buy him a beer and award him a HIPA T-shirt. 
But don’t stop there, let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey ?

 Stanley Cup Finals:

Congratulations to JP Longuepee for correctly predicting Chicago Blackhawks in 6!  JP wins a HIPA T-shirt for submitting his prediction viawww.facebook.com/Hockey.IPA

HIPA’s 2015 Membership Campaign

If you missed out on our recent swag give-aways, don’t worry because we are giving away more free stuff! 
For the months of June, July and August, HIPA will be giving away club swag to the member who recruits the most new members!  That’s right, all you do is tell your friends about HIPA and direct them to www.hockey-ipa.com where they can join the club.  Don’t forget, they will need to identify you as their referral when they reply to our president’s welcome email.

Whoever gets the most referrals each month wins!  Invite your friends to join the club!

2015 HIPA Tours:


Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A October 23 – 25

Our extremely popular year-end tour to Las Vegas is filling up fast!   We checked with the tournament organizers and they are booked up, so only one HIPA team this year and it’s nearly full.  One roster spot remains unclaimed.  Be sure to register quickly if you want to play hockey in Las Vegas!

2016 HIPA Tours (early registration is open):


Collingwood Ontario Canada January 22 – 23

HIPA is making a return to Collingwood in 2016, this time the International Fours Hockey Association sanctioned tournament will be in January!  As HIPA returns to defend our championship we look forward to another FOURS HOCKEY experience!

Lafayette Louisiana U.S.A February 5 – 7

Mardi Gras in Lafayette Louisiana ranks amongst the best U.S. vacation experiences according to travelchannel.com


Add hockey to that and you’ve got the cherry on top.  HIPA is planning to enter two teams in 2016, so click below to get plugged in, stay informed and start getting used to the idea of celebrating Mardi Gras in Louisiana!


From Our Members:

It is always great to hear from club members.  Recently we received a delivery from a club member who joined HIPA’s very first tour ever, Montreal Quebec Canada in 2013.  Geo Scott holds a very prestigious point of recognition within the club, as he is credited with scoring HIPA’s first goal.

While travelling through Vermont, Geo noticed this Burlington Brewing Company label (from www.facebook.com/magichatbrewing) and picked some up for us.  Thanks for thinking of us Geo!
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