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Tue, Apr 5th 2016, 15:30

Borderless Hockey News September 2015

Hello HIPA members,
As a lifelong hockey player, a coach, a hockey dad and president of HIPA, I consider hockey to be one of the most positive and influential aspects of my life. Many of you have expressed similar sentiments. “Hockey At Its Best” gives you the opportunity to share your hockey experiences with fellow club members. 
Hit reply now and send us your stories! We love to hear about the role hockey plays in your life. Help us celebrate the game, the culture and shed light on “Hockey At Its Best”!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours in hockey,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President


How far have you travelled to play hockey? HIPA members from Houston Texas USA put their hockey commutes into perspective: "This just made us realize that we drive a distance nearly equal to the width of the entire state of Connecticut.....just to play hockey. Twice a week."

Let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey 

Hockey At Its Best

I’ve pondered this question “When is Hockey At Its Best?” since this campaign concept was tabled.  How can we scope this idea and present it to our club members? Hockey has meant different things to me over the years.  As I morphed from player to coach and again to hockey dad, it has been different aspects of the game that appeal most to me.  And then, it became obvious.  We don’t have to define “Hockey At Its Best” at all.  It is a completely open concept.  We are looking for you, our members to share your experiences, your opinions on the subject.  I look forward to reading and sharing your stories.
I was asked to submit a story from my personal experience, so here goes …
While coaching Initiation, 5 year olds, I believed, hockey should be all about having fun and developing hockey skills.  But one young lad helped me realize that my scope was far too narrow.  He was very timid to go on the ice.  He would hold onto his father’s leg and wouldn’t go on the ice without him.  This was difficult as his father was not only an assistant coach but also the group manager and from time to time had to delay his arrival on the ice surface in order to address parents on certain administrative items.
As the season went along, slowly but surely, this young boy demonstrated improvements in his skating and his puck skills and even started to go out on the ice ahead of his father.  Still, he was shy and wouldn’t talk to anyone without dad around.  But, he was gaining confidence on and off the ice.  Eventually, he and I had short conversations even when his father was busy elsewhere.
Following our final practice, I addressed the players and parents in the change room, thanking everyone for a fun season and extending wishes of a good summer.  My team manager followed up with all the necessary year-end administrative details, during which my young friend tugged on my pant leg and motioned for me to draw nearer to him.  I bent down and offered him my ear, to which he said, “I have something to say.”  He made it clear that he wanted to address the room.  I lifted him onto the bench and as his father finished, I quickly interjected with, “… and one more announcement.”
This young boy proceeded to speak to the entire room, of his own accord.  I remember the look of shock on his father’s face as he watched his own timid, shy son address his teammates and I remember how proud I was of the young man for all his growth over the course of the season.
It is that very moment that reminds me to maintain perspective when coaching hockey.  The minor hockey environment offers more to children than just the opportunity to develop skills and have fun.  Hockey offers an environment where young people can learn by trying, succeeding and failing without significant consequences.  Hockey can build a young person’s self-confidence, enough so that a shy five year old will address a crowd of people.  Hockey can be the place that children learn how to compete, to win and to lose gracefully.  We can demonstrate how to compete against and socialize with opponents and how to communicate with referees; for they do learn from watching us.  Here a child can learn to deal with frustration and learn to celebrate achievements.  They can make new friends, have fun and develop fitness practices that will serve them well throughout their lifetime.
To me, this is “Hockey At Its Best”, when hockey serves as a safe environment for our children to grow.
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President, hockey dad, coach, beer league player

2015/2016 HIPA Tours

2016 Tour calendar continues to develop! We already have some tours confirmed including Collingwood, Lafayette, Montreal, Las Vegas … AND some exciting new destinations are being worked. 

Those interested in Hawaii – HIT REPLY and send your “Hellz Yeah!” right now!
More information to be made available shortly.
Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A October 23 – 25
Las Vegas 2015 Tour is completely full, our team is ready for HIPA’s third annual trip to Sin City! Jerseys are designed and in production. We are under one month to go! 

Let us know what you think of our tour jerseys …

2016 HIPA Tours (early registration is open)

Collingwood Ontario Canada January 22 – 23 
HIPA is making a return to Collingwood in 2016, this time the International Fours Hockey Association sanctioned tournament will be in January! As HIPA returns to defend our championship we look forward to another FOURS HOCKEY experience!

Lafayette Louisiana U.S.A February 5 – 7
Mardi Gras in Lafayette Louisiana ranks amongst the best U.S. vacation experiences according to!

Add hockey to that and you’ve got the cherry on top. HIPA is planning to enter two teams in 2016, so click below to get plugged in, stay informed and start getting used to the idea of celebrating Mardi Gras in Louisiana!
We would like to thank HIPA member Angela Runco for her contributions to this newsletter. Enjoy this laugh courtesy of Angela. 
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