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Tue, Apr 5th 2016, 15:37

Borderless Hockey News October 2015

Hello HIPA members,
Those of you who follow us on Facebook or take the time to read HIPA’s monthly newsletter will be well aware that HIPA spent this past weekend in Las Vegas!  Despite the well known, often recited, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and HIPA’s very own rule of touring, “What happens on tour, stays on tour”; this newsletter might contain a few paragraphs about our most recent shenanigans.
As always, we will feature a #whatdoyoudoforhockey article, demonstrating the lengths some people go for their love of hockey.
In HIPA’s September 2015 newsletter, we introduced a new campaign dedicated to featuring the most positive aspects of this great sport we all love.  To kick things off, as President of the club, I shared a memory from my coaching archives to help explain why to me, “Hockey At Its Best is when hockey serves as a safe environment for our children to grow.”  But I also acknowledged that “Hockey At Its Best” means different things to different people.
“Hockey At Its Best” can be found on Facebook at #hockeyatitsbest .  This is where you are invited to share anything that demonstrates the positive nature of hockey itself, hockey players, supporters, officials…the hockey spirit!
If you prefer, send your contributions to us directly, just reply now and let us have it! We love to hear about the role hockey plays in your life.  Help us celebrate the game, the culture and shed light on “Hockey At Its Best”!
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in hockey,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A October 23 – 25: Wrap Up

When fifteen guys from across Canada and the USA met on Friday morning at a Subway restaurant, we all wondered just how this tour was going to play out.  HIPA tour veterans know it is always this way.  The opening meeting is always exciting and a little bewildering.  Fourteen new faces and names, all the information from the tour manager and our first game pending; it's a lot to take in!

An hour later, we were decked out in our Las Vegas 2015 tour jerseys and hitting the ice.  This year we split our Friday games and hit Fremont street for some dinner.  Tony Roma’s for some, casinos for others; but nearly everyone keeping a close eye on the Blue Jays vs K.C. Royals game.  As the game finished there was no time to wallow or celebrate, as something shiny was always trying to catch attention. 

Saturday morning arrived quickly!  A late morning team breakfast was cleverly scheduled to ensure no one slept through our 1:30pm game. Our second loss of the tournament removed all hope that we might somehow sneak into the championship game on Sunday morning.  As it turns out, our Sunday morning game, “The Battle For Fifth” was a much more friendly start time, allowing this new group of friends to enjoy a late Saturday night. 

The festivities began with a cap/patch ceremony, followed by a traditional court session.  A bit later we had a team meal at Pizza Rock, which was well attended and the adventures continued from there!

Sunday marks the end of the tour.  We play our final game (earning the win and leveling our record at 2-2), gather one last time and wish one another safe travels.  Fifteen people who met two days earlier united by a love for hockey; bump fists, shake hands and give man-hugs to one another. As with any moment in time, you can never recreate this exact team atmosphere.  For we have become a team.  Everyone is tired and we’ve shared an incredible weekend adventure together. 

We thank the 2015 Las Vegas Tour team members for choosing to tour with HIPA, and we look forward to seeing you again on another hockey adventure!

What Do You Do For Hockey:

Clearly, this couple is committed to the game…
Let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey

Hockey At Its Best

Have you ever spent the afternoon playing pick-up on a frozen river?  #hockeyatitsbest
What is #hockeyatitsbest ?

2015/2016 HIPA Tours:

2016 Tour calendar is nearly complete – If you have any suggestions, hit reply now and let us know... and then, Stay tuned!

2016 HIPA Tours (registration is open):

Collingwood Ontario Canada January 22 – 23 
HIPA is making a return to Collingwood in 2016, this time the International Fours Hockey Association sanctioned tournament will be in January!  As HIPA returns to defend our championship we look forward to another FOURS HOCKEY experience!
Lafayette Louisiana U.S.A February 5 – 7
Mardi Gras in Lafayette Louisiana ranks amongst the best U.S. vacation experiences according to travelchannel.com! 


Add hockey to that and you’ve got the cherry on top.  HIPA is planning to enter two teams in 2016, so click below to get plugged in, stay informed and start thinking about celebrating Mardi Gras in Louisiana with HIPA!

And considering the recent “Back To The Future Date” milestone October 21, 2015,  a little laugh to wrap things up…
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