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Tue, Apr 5th 2016, 15:43

Borderless Hockey News February 2016

Hello HIPA members,
I am very excited for the opportunity to introduce the first HIPA Newsletter of 2016 to you because of the content.  This newsletter is full!  I’m hoping you find the content as exciting as we do.
It’s finally that time to reveal HIPA’s 2016 Tour Calendar.  This is the single most significant announcement HIPA makes each year, and you, our members and supporters, will see the calendar first!
Two of our 2016 tours are early in the year.  So early, in fact, they are already completed.  Herein you will find a summary for our Collingwood Ontario Canada Tour (January) and our Lafayette Louisiana U.S.A. tour (February)!
We have a great #whatdoyoudoforhockey article, demonstrating the lengths some people will go to for hockey; and a #hockeyatitsbest article to highlight some of the great things hockey people are doing for others.
We love when others contribute to this hashtag thread, so please consider this your invitation to share anything that demonstrates the positive nature of hockey itself, hockey players, supporters, officials . . . the hockey spirit!
With the arrival of 2016, HIPA officially commences our fourth year of operation.  We’ve come a long way since May 13, 2013, when we first toured Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  “Borderless Hockey” is catching on everywhere we go.  You are the early ambassadors of this concept, and we thank you; we appreciate you.  We recognize it is “from small things that big things come”.  As HIPA grows, we want to ensure we stay in touch with you.  It is for this reason that I sign all newsletters with my email address.  You have a direct line to me, so please don’t hesitate to use it and to tell me your ideas, give me your suggestions and tell me what you need in your hockey life!
I would personally like to thank all club members for your continued support and invite you to join us on tour, on ice and online in 2016. 
Happy New Year to you!
Keep your skates sharp and your stick on the ice,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

2016 Tour Calendar:

It is a thrill for us to reveal our annual tour calendar and share it with HIPA Club Members.  Please take a look and let us know if any of these tours will work into your schedule this year.
Click here to download the calendar (PDF) and check out the cool links-- just click on a tour name!

Next Featured Tour: Montreal Quebec Canada

Enjoy one of North America's most European cities for a weekend of hockey and fun!  HIPA returns to Montreal in 2016 to compete in Canlan's "Montreal 25+ Classic Women's and Men's Hockey Tournament".  Canlan is a leader in tournament production and strongly supports HIPA's participation in their tournaments.  As such, HIPA's 2016 Montreal tournament promises to surpass the greatness of our previous Montreal tours!
As always, we love to hear your recommendations and invitations to other tournaments.  Hit “reply” and let us know where you want us to go!

Tour Wrap: Collingwood Ontario Canada:

Courtesy of Collingwood Tour Manager and long time HIPA member Lee Warywoda.

I would like to thank all of the Collingwood participants for joining the 2nd annual HIPA Collingwood tour and provide a brief recap. 

All in all, the tour was one of the most balanced tours to date.  There was hockey, there was beer, and then there was some more hockey, and some more beer, and even a nap for some of the folks in between.  And of course, as on every tour, a ton of fun!    We ended up playing 8 games, which was unbelievable for some of the older folks (I am still a little sore), but the format and timing of the games made it a great time.

This tour was part of the 2nd annual Collingwood FOURS tournament.  The FOURS format is a 3-on-3 style game with 4-minute running time periods.  It doesn’t seem like much, but when you are out there, the games seem to last.  The action is non-stop, and you have to be aware of what is going on at all times.  There is no coasting on the ice, so the fast pace does take some getting used to.  We started off with a solid effort, but lost to the eventual runner-up in a 5-3 game.  We must have been outshot 2:1, but our goalie really stepped up, making some great saves.  We played 2 more games on Friday, securing a HIPA hat trick and going 1-1-1 on the first day. 

The next morning was a tad early (8:15 start), but HIPA came out to play.  We won the first game 5-2 in relative ease, and then tied the 2nd place team 1-1 to end the round robin play 2-1-2.  Zach was again fantastic in net, making highlight reel save after save.  There was rumblings that he was the best goalie in the tournament, and I don’t have an argument against that. 

The playoffs were a little different-- there were a lot of games. A lot!  We ended up playing 3 playoff games. After winning the first one handily (against a team called I Love Lamp, voted Most Revered Team), we faced the same team we tied in the earlier round.  A hard-fought game with some untimely posts knocked us out of the A Championship and into the B side. 

With 2 hours between games, we decided to dip into the quite excellent draft that was on tap and had a lot of fun in the last game, losing 4-2.  We all stuck together to watch the finals, which was a great game, and headed over to PIE for the tournament wrap up. 

All in all, it was a very successful tournament and a huge amount of fun.  It was great again to meet new people from everywhere and to connect to old friends.  Great job to the guys organizing the tournament, and again many thanks for all the participants.  I am safe to say it was a great time had by all. 

Yours in hockey,


Lafayette Louisiana USA:

In February 2016, HIPA returned to Lafayette Louisiana for our second year to enjoy Mardi Gras and participate in Lafayette’s annual Mardi Gras Mayhem tournament.  The added pressure in 2016 was that HIPA carried with us the weight of being defending champions.  Long time HIPA members will know that in 2015, Lafayette was the scene of our first tournament championship in club history.   
Rather than tangent into how strong our team was in 2015, I must stress that winning was simply a happy coincidence.   We had a great group of people who had a super fun time and still played hockey really well.  So, returning in 2016 with only 5 of the same players promised to offer a completely different tour experience. 
Friday afternoon marked our opening ceremonies at Grub Burger prior to game one.  It was good to reconnect with past teammates and meet new ones.  In the first game, HIPA started strong, building a three-goal lead early as we got to know one another.  Goal-Tender Jimmy flashed pink gear, giving HIPA skaters the confidence to attack Cajun Flavor’s (our younger opponents) net.
Meagan centered one line while 2015 MVP Cody centered the other. 2015 HIPA goal-tender turned right wing Josh switched off with tournament super-ref Phil, while Julie and Beth patrolled left wing.  Returning players Brock, Tommy and Paul were joined by Jason on the blueline. 
Cajun Flavor refused to yield the game, however. They outskated HIPA in the third period and handed HIPA a loss in game one.  Defending our championship would require a near flawless effort through our two Saturday games.
To shake things up and put the disappointing start behind us, some of the HIPA team decided to pick up giant margaritas and watch a local Mardi Gras parade.
Saturday morning came quickly, but HIPA team members arrived bright and early for game two versus Norsemen.  Tour member Steve arrived “tardy to the party” from Mississippi to help solidify our offence.  It was a solid game by everyone, and HIPA looked good heading into game three later in the day versus Donkey Punch. 
Game three was exciting down to the final shot, literally.  After three periods, the game was tied, leading to a shoot-out.  After three shooters from each team, the tie had yet to be broken.  Jimmy saved his next shot, and Steve potted the game winner!  It was close, and we would have to wait until 1:00 am to be sure, but HIPA would qualify for the Championship Finals.
Dean O’s South was the chosen location for our tour ceremonies.  Pizza and drinks, together with plenty of laughs offered the backdrop for our Saturday evening entertainment. 
Sunday’s championship game was against the very team that handed us a loss on Friday afternoon, Cajun Flavor.  The game details are not nearly as important as the knowledge that over the course of the weekend, our HIPA individuals had become a team!  The team played their best game of the tournament to secure HIPA’s second Mardi Gras Mayhem championship in two years and maintain possession of the most awesome trophy in beer league sport, the Stanley Keg! 

What Do You Do For Hockey?

Checkout this awesome guitar built out of Sherwood hockey sticks.
Let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey

Hockey At Its Best

One of the good ones . . . Scott Darling understands how fortunate he is, and that he has the capacity to help others.
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