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Fri, May 6th 2016, 20:46

Borderless Hockey News April 2016

Hello HIPA members,
It is already April and as I write this I am on my second cup of coffee.  Staying up to watch NHL playoff games is much harder than it used to be!  I hope you are enjoying playoff hockey as much as I am.
HIPA is primed and ready to make a return to Montreal.  2016 marks the fourth Montreal tour for our club, but the first year in which the Canadiens will not be competing in the playoffs while we are there.  Will there be a different vibe in the city?  We’ll let you know in our May Newsletter!
We’ve had a huge response to our announcement of an April 2017 Tour to Hawaii.  Already it is shaping up to be one of the highlights of next year’s schedule.  With details still being worked, feel free to “express interest” now and we’ll keep you informed as the details become clear.
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HIPA has so many exciting ventures and opportunities on the horizon.  I can’t wait to share them with our members.  Would you like to be a contributor and a steward of “Borderless Hockey”? Would you like your own feature in HIPA’s monthly newsletters, on HIPA’s blog or via Facebook?  Let me know, we can help you reach a larger audience!
I hope you enjoy this month’s news, until next month…
Keep your skates sharp and your stick on the ice,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

2016 Tour Calendar:

Note our updated 2016 Tour Calendar is attached below.  You can download and link directly to tours by clicking on your tour of interest.  The Oshawa Ontario Tour in July 2016 is infact a co-ed ice hockey and softball (slow pitch) tournament.  Also take note that the ever popular Las Vegas tour is filling up quickly. Don’t miss out, register today!
Click here to download the calendar (PDF) and check out the cool links-- just click on a tour name!

Next Featured Tour:

Oshawa Ontario Canada – Puck and Ball (Co-ed Slow Pitch) July 15-17 2016

Check out our July 2016 Tour to Oshawa Ontario Canada.  This is a great opportunity for HIPA members to get together and demonstrate our collective competencies both on the ice and on the softball diamond.  There is a co-ed requirement to this tournament, so don’t be shy lady-members. 
Oshawa is a short transit ride from downtown Toronto, offering easy access to a vibrant tourism industry and nightlife! You need not head into the city core however to enjoy this weekend Tour! On this tour, HIPA members will be playing both co-ed hockey and softball. This tour is officially the first time we will be combining our ice-hockey competition with another sport.
The laughs are sure to be plentiful as our tour members challenge their own athleticism in both sports.  If you play both hockey and softball and most importantly, if you enjoy creating good times, this sounds like the perfect tour for you (no guarantees that The Fonz will be attending)!

What Do You Do For Hockey:

Canada’s National Sports Network TSN  (The Sports Network) has run a number of articles displaying the artwork of some NHL fans.  Now that is dedication to a team, permanently marking your body, announcing your undying commitment to your team…One day, we expect to see a HIPA tattoo … and we are guessing it will be one morning during a Las Vegas tour!
Let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey

Hockey At Its Best

The 2015/2016 season is coming to a close, but lets not forget one of the most touching moments of the entire season.  These kids are champions!
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