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Wed, Sep 28th 2016, 20:30

Borderless Hockey News May 2016

Hello HIPA members,
What a month it has been!  This month, we’ve packed a lot of information into our newsletter.
We started a NEW HIPA tradition … more details below. 
We have a tour recap to share … Our Montreal 2016 Tour lived up to expectations! 
We’ll inform you about upcoming tours, but not just that; planning for tours now requires us to plan a year in advance. We’ll explain.
Our Facebook hashtag campaigns continue to get great engagement!  HIPA members from around the world are sharing ideas about #hockeyatitsbest and #whatdoyoudoforhockey as well as other ways to support HIPA’s ‘Borderless Hockey’ concept.
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Until next month, keep your skates sharp and your stick on the ice,
Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

Forward Pass:

In 1929-30, the NHL introduced a rule change that altered the game of hockey for all future generations.  That year, the forward pass was permitted in the offensive zone. The scoring record books were subsequently rewritten and hockey never looked back.

HIPA members have been enjoying tours since 2013!  Some members have earned one cap playing for HIPA, while most members who have toured with our club choose to return for subsequent tours.  This is what “Borderless Hockey” is all about, breaking barriers, playing anywhere, everywhere and connecting with hockey players the world over.  When you go on tour with HIPA, you meet new people, make new friends and teammates.  But the question remained: how do we connect members from one tour with those from another tour?

Introducing HIPA’s ‘Forward Pass’!  As the world’s largest hockey club, HIPA members have enjoyed touring and connecting with those on their tour.  Forward Pass connects every tour team to the next, creating a tour-chain, weaving HIPA members together from tour to tour.  Here is how it works.
In Lafayette Louisiana 2016, those representing HIPA (a championship winning side, BTW) at the Mardi Gras Mayhem tournament chose to collect traditional Mardi Gras beads and pass them forward to the next tour team.  Without knowing exactly who they were passing to or where the pass would fall, the Lafayette team presented their offering, leading the Montreal 2016 tour team onto the ice two months later in an entirely different country.
The Mardi Gras beads and Forward Pass tradition was announced at the Montreal Tour opening ceremonies.  While Montreal Tour goaltender Jeff Lapensee received the first forward pass on behalf of his teammates, the team collectively accepted their gift and the challenge to carry on HIPA’s tradition. During the weekend, players discussed different gift ideas eventually settling on one, which will be presented to HIPA’s next tour team.  What is the gift, you ask?  That information will be revealed when it is presented to a lucky member of the next tour team.

Montreal 2016 Tour Recap: 

For the fourth year in a row, HIPA returned to Montreal Quebec Canada.  In previous years, one could feel the tension, the nerves, the energy as the heart of the city pumped.  This time, things were a little different.  Montreal’s beloved Canadiens were not in the playoffs, so the vibe in the city was far more relaxed.
We cruised into Montreal’s South shore on Friday night, having no trouble with traffic.  We checked into our hotel and found the hospitality suite was ready for HIPA members with cold beer.  As members arrived, introductions were made, and some old acquaintances were reunited.
Soon we were off to La Station des Sports for a pre-game meal and the official meet-and-greet tour commencement.  On tour in Montreal, we had fourteen eager members, including four rookies!  Beginning in nets was our goaltender Jeff Lapensee, who proved to play with all the confidence of a veteran! Other rookies included Paul Bilodeau, who has a great story about hurting his knee playing hockey and ending up with a quadruple bypass surgery (not kidding!); Patrick Bourgeois, who joined this tour to play with his brother Steve; and James Lightner, who drove from Delaware U.S.A. by himself to play hockey in Canada!  Congratulations to these four men for earning their first HIPA cap!  Ten veteran tour members also earned another cap in Montreal. 
We have some great ‘success’ stories in addition to those listed above.  Steve and Patrick Bourgeois were not the only brothers to play hockey together in Montreal.  Mike and Allan MacDonald stepped on the ice together as well.  Another great family moment was when Dave Stubbs and his father John posed for pictures together.
Long-time friends from Manitoba, Paul Daudet and Paul Bilodeau, reunited, as did Jonathan Payan and Jason Soldier, who met many years ago through online racing competitions. Dino Pomponio and Dave Stubbs both played as position skaters on this tour having previously represented HIPA on tour as goaltenders. Finally, Paul de Verteuil (HIPA President and Head Instructor at was proud to watch his former student Patrick Chauvet go on to lead the team in scoring this tour.
HIPA got off to a slow start with our 11:15 pm game on Friday night.  It was a close loss, which we felt could or should have been a win.  Saturday we played a solid game at 1:00 pm to even our record.  After an afternoon of ‘enjoying all that Montreal has to offer’, we did not show up with our best stuff for the 7:15 pm game.  Despite a 1-2 record, we qualified for the Bronze medal match-up on Sunday afternoon. 
HIPA’s traditional patching ceremony and court session highlighted Saturday evening’s pre-curfew events.  A special feature to mention was that goaltender Jeff Lapensee received the Forward Pass from the Lafayette 2016 Tour team, who passed traditional Mardi Gras beads.  This is the first gift given from one tour team to another and will continue as the Montreal tour team has made their own Forward Pass, which will be revealed once it is received by the next tour team.
True to form, all HIPA members showed up to play on Sunday, regardless of how bad our headaches might have been.  The same cannot be said for our opponents.  So, HIPA was defaulted the bronze medal and given an hour of ice which we used to play some 3 on 3.
We were certain to close the weekend in true Montreal Tour style with a late lunch at Dunn’s Famous Deli.

2016 Tour Calendar:

Note our 2016 Tour Calendar is attached below.  You can download and link directly to tours by clicking on your tour of interest to find out specifics.  Be sure to ‘express interest’ so you are certain to receive updates as the tour details become available.
As the popularity of HIPA tours increases, we are constantly being asked to expand our tour calendar.  To meet the interest of our members, we are already looking at a Hawaii tour in April 2017, and multiple European as well as additional North American destinations are being considered. 
This creates a very exciting problem for HIPA members!  Which tour(s) to go to next year? Everyone has to budget for their epic adventures! Sometimes that means passing on one awesome tour to go on another. 

How great would it be to be able to go on every tour with HIPA?
Click here to download the calendar (PDF) and check out the cool links-- just click on a tour name!

Next Featured Tour:


Lafayette, Louisiana 4s Hockey Tour October 2016

Those of you who have experienced FOURS Hockey already know how much fun it is.  For those who aren’t familiar with the game, visit, or better yet, join HIPA on tour October 7-9 in Lafayette, Louisiana!  Rachael Graham Sudul is a HIPA member who runs the most amazingly fun hockey tournaments South of the Mason-Dixon Line!
This tour will be a unique HIPA Tour experience because, for the first time ever, tour members will be registered in the tournament as individuals and drafted onto teams on the Friday night before the tournament.  HIPA Tour members will play with and against one another but will be on tour together! 
In addition to being on tour, you will be in Lafayette, Louisiana, playing FOURS hockey and raising money for a great cause; Operation Occupation helps connect war veterans with work opportunities in the community!
Check out the tournament directly:
and join HIPA’s tour at:

Las Vegas Tour 2016

Las Vegas is always a good time, no matter what your motivation for going!  So don’t miss out on your opportunity to go this year!  This will be HIPA’s fourth year in Las Vegas, and each year just keeps getting better.  Each year, the tour team fills up earlier, too!  With 7 spots already filled, you might want to join soon!
We might even make a return visit to Heart Attack Grill this year…will any tour members eat for free?

What Do You Do For Hockey:
The sport of hockey spans the globe!  It is in the hearts of players in places you wouldn’t believe.  Check out this video about the Indian National Ice Hockey Team and specifically what one player does to chase his hockey dreams!
Let us know #whatdoyoudoforhockey

Hockey At Its Best
Sometimes you just can’t take yourself so seriously…enjoy a few minutes of outright laughter, hockey style!
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