August Newsletter 2016

Wed, Sep 28th 2016, 20:39

Borderless Hockey News August 2016

Hello HIPA members, 

This edition of our Borderless Hockey News is not going to be your typical newsletter.  It just seems like the right thing to do…
Each month, I look at the content of HIPA’s Borderless Hockey News in order to prepare an introduction statement.  I am often filled with pride to know that so many amazing HIPA members are out there doing so many great things: having fun, helping one another, building the game, enjoying the world through hockey!
Last month, we highlighted some of the great initiatives in which HIPA and our members are currently involved.  I felt so very honoured to introduce that content to you.  Unfortunately, sometimes Borderless Hockey is not all sunshine and lollipops.
Sadly, since our last newsletter, one of our favourite hockey and tour destination communities, Lafayette, Louisiana, has suffered devastating floods.  In fact, Lafayette and much of Louisiana remains under water as I type.
Our hearts go out to HIPA members in Louisiana and to the people of Lafayette who we meet during our tours, including the hotel and arena staff, restaurant and bar staff, our opponents, and all their families and friends. 
At this time, I’m told there is not much that we can do to help.  Soon donations of clothes, food, drinking water and household items will be needed, but right now the urgency is the physical safety of people and to stabilize the infrastructure.  When we know how HIPA members can be of help, we’ll let you know via posts on our website ( and our Facebook page (  
I’ve been in contact with our HIPA members in the area, and I am happy to report that, despite the devastation to physical belongings and homes, everyone is safe and thankful for the love and support of others in the community and from their fellow HIPA club members. 
Everyday, Louisianians are helping one another, demonstrating their fantastic resiliency and strength…
and of course keeping perspective on what is important…
…a sense of humour!
With that said, recovery will take time, and HIPA’s next tour is to Lafayette October 7th to 9th!  We’ll be keeping close tabs on the status of the arena/tournament and keeping those on this tour informed of any implications.  I’m told the ice survived, and everyone is eager to get back at it!
If you would like to join us in Lafayette, you can still join the tour!
Lafayette Louisiana 4s Hockey Tour October 2016
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Until next month, keep your skates sharp and your stick on the ice,

Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

Las Vegas Tour 2016

Two weeks after Lafayette, HIPA’s fourth tour to Las Vegas begins.  The team is coming together nicely; however, we still have a couple more spots open.  If you wish to join this year, do so quickly because the jersey order will be going in soon!
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