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Wed, Sep 28th 2016, 20:41

Borderless Hockey News September 2016

Hello HIPA members, 

Already September is coming to an end.  The months are flying by, and it got me thinking . . . these are the days, weeks, and months that become the composite of our lives!
I know, deep, right?  But that is what’s happening. We all get busy with responsibilities.  I know that. You know that. And that is why HIPA was created.
HIPA offers all of us the means to escape for a weekend (or longer) and do what we love to do: play hockey.  Couple that with a mini-vacation, and you’ve created an adventure, a dinner story, a memory to ensure life doesn’t slip by subconsciously!
This month, Borderless Hockey News features a number of stories of HIPA members who are making memories, making a difference, taking the circumstances of life and writing a new chapter in the epic adventure of their lives!
As I said before, HIPA members are involved in all kinds of great initiatives.  Please read below and let us know about the great adventures of your life.  I’d love to hear about the current/next chapter of your epic adventure!
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Until next month, always remember to tape your stick from heel to toe.

Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

Jacksons Endeavour:

Mike Jackson is president of Sport Clubs International, the parent corporation of both HIPA (Hockey International Players Association) and our rugby counterpart RIPA (  The vision to combine both his love of sport and travel culminated in 2012 when RIPA first toured to Istanbul Turkey.
In just four years, Mike’s vision has grown into two international sports clubs, each touring up to 12 times per year, filling rosters with rugby and hockey players from around the world and providing everyone the opportunity to enjoy their sport literally everywhere.  Many club members join their first tour with some trepidation and soon realize they had nothing to worry about.  In fact, it goes further than that. Nearly 90% of first-time tour members join a second tour within 12 months of their first because they’ve ignited a passion within.  They realize touring to play your sport, meet new friends and experience different cultures is an amazing way to enjoy life!
Always the visionary, Mike has been planning another tour.  In August 2016, Mike, his wife Cathy, and their children Lilly and Greg started the wheels rolling on what projects to be a two-year around-the-world tour in a Volkswagen van!
You can follow “Jacksons Endeavour” on Facebook at
During the trip, Mike will continue to operate his businesses.  He says this trip will give him the opportunity to meet face-to-face with HIPA and RIPA members in every country he visits.  He is a living example of the borderless sports concept that fuels Sport Clubs International.
We’ll be sure to provide updates on “Jacksons Endeavour" in future editions of HIPA’s Borderless Hockey News; however, we encourage you to “LIKE” the Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss them as their van rolls through your part of the world!

The Hockey Foundation:

Adam Sherlip is the Founder & Head Coach of The Hockey Foundation  ( - share happiness & change lives, one puck at a time.) and a HIPA member.  We are pleased to share this message with HIPA club members and encourage everyone to watch the video … 
Hopefully by now you've seen our new video: How Hockey Helps.
This video was the culmination of many laborious hours (aka weeks) combing through months (aka years) of footage since my initial trip to the Himalayas in 2009.  My incredible team at The Hockey Foundation wanted to make sure we did things right before we were finally ready to share what we consider a very special video. 
"How Hockey Helps" is the product of 7+ years supporting ice hockey in India, as well as my experiences a decade ago coaching in China on behalf of the New York Islanders' Project Hope, combined with many years of coaching youth hockey players in the New York City area.  
Over the years, more and more coaches have joined in on this incredible journey to change lives via hockey, and we've all seen first-hand that hockey does indeed help.  We always took photos and videos of our trips, but for a couple of years now, I felt like something was missing.
So we made a video about How Hockey Helps.
I've been anxiously waiting to share this video with you since before we began editing earlier this year.  I've watched this video nearly 100 times as our team put it together, and on each viewing, I reminisced fondly over all of the experiences I've had, the people I've met, the friendships I've made . . . all because of hockey.  I know the other THF coaches feel the same way!
Hockey may be a fun game, but it's not all fun and games all the time.  
It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to achieve what we've achieved so far, such as:
  • Donating hundreds of books to schools in Ladakh with our educational partner ILSC
  • Donating thousands of pieces of equipment to hockey programs around India
  • Encouraging and supporting girls hockey in India to the point that India fielded their first women's national team in 2016
  • Organizing an historic game in Brampton, Ontario, Canada for the men's national team to realize how much more they can accomplish with hard work
  • Watching many of these players become coaches, referees and leaders in their communities
  • Advising on new rink construction and equipment importation/distribution to support access to the game  
I think about guys in India like Abdul Hakim (my assistant coach for Team India for a number of years), Chamba Tsetan, Tsewang Gyaltson, Rajat Malhotra, Zia Mir and Amit Belwal, who have had their lives irrevocably changed by ice hockey, and young women like Deachen Dolkar, Stanzin Dolker, Tsewang Chuskit, Kunzes Angmo, Rinchen Dolma and Noor Jahan, who love the game so much they founded the Ladakh Womens' Ice Hockey Foundation to ensure girls in Ladakh have an equal opportunity to excel at the game, an initiative we're proud to support!
The reality is that in order to keep on changing lives via hockey, we need your help.  We want to keep our momentum growing.  Your support is critical to our continued success.
There are in-need communities in every corner of the globe, and we are perfectly positioned to support them, whether it be in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, India, China, Korea, Kenya, Morocco, Chile or Argentina (to name just a few).  We can even help some penguins in Antarctica if given the chance!
Whether it be to transport equipment, ensure our coaches are well trained, buy books to donate to schools, or simply keep our website operational, ensuring the financial security of The Hockey Foundation is of the utmost importance, not only to me, but to everyone who has donated equipment and volunteered their time, and most importantly, to the people we coach and support!
To this end, we've set up a new fundraiser via ActionSprout to help us start this hockey season strong, and as we do, we'll be sure to share our progress with you!  You can access it on our HowHockeyHelps page (where you can also see a SlideShare presentation I made in New Brunswick earlier this summer on How Hockey Helps), as well as on our Facebook page.
Please consider supporting and help us change lives and share happiness, one puck at a time!
Adam Sherlip, Executive Director, Founder & Head Coach

Antarctic Hockey Tour May 2017:

Ryan Bahl is the founder of, driving force behind and also a HIPA member.  The article below was shared with HIPA for the purposes of informing our members.  Please take a moment to read about this very cool tour … 
“Antarctic Hockey” aims to be the first "official" hockey played on the continent of Antarctica and was started by Ryan Bahl. Ryan had originally started Antarctic Hockey because he was hoping to be the first person to have played hockey on all 7 continents. There are two main concepts that have now developed that he is trying to promote.
The first is just showing people that you can play hockey literally anywhere in the world - Antarctica included. The point of this is to get out of the everyday norm, experience new cultures, meet new people and just play our amazing sport all over the world. Too many people get stuck in the daily grind and never really experience all the world has to offer. Hockey players are unlike many other athletes, and many of them are very welcoming of you traveling and wanting to play overseas wherever it may be. A great example of this is that the Antarctic event already has people signed up from over 20 different countries at the moment, including (just to name a few): Canada, USA, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Finland, Australia, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, France, Iceland, the Czech Republic and many more. All these people have signed up to play in Antarctica and work together to make something truly amazing happen. Imagine the event taking one player from every country - some people may not be able to communicate with each other because of the different languages, but everyone will have the same love for the sport, and each of those people will speak the common language of hockey. 
The second main thing the event is trying to promote is just general awareness of fragile environments like that of Antarctica. Conservation, scientific research and protecting these fragile environments is very important and extends much beyond just playing a sport. Hockey in its most traditional form was played outdoors, and if we want this to continue for future generations, we must protect our world and everything it has to offer. The event aims to help raise funds and donate to organizations aimed at making this happen, specifically in the Antarctic region. The event itself will also be as organic as possible, using materials that can be easily taken back, water reclamation systems and just overall making sure there is no blueprint of the event in the Antarctica environment. 
Visit for more information and to sign up if interested.

Lafayette Louisiana 4s Hockey Tour October 2016

Last month HIPA’s Borderless Hockey News focused attention on the devastating floods that hit Louisiana USA in August 2016.  While some disasters happen nearly instantly, earthquakes and tsunamis for example, others can occur in relative slow motion – taking days or weeks to happen.  Despite the lack of shock-and-awe type news coverage, these disasters are equally devastating. 
HIPA has many members in the Lafayette area because of past tours.  We are very relieved to report that all our members are safe and accounted for.  The community spirit is strong as they begin a challenging recovery.  As one HIPA member stated, “well, there are starting to be fundraiser concerts already... you know we turn everything into a festival!” 
For those able to make donations, please visit:
If you wish to speak directly with those coordinating the relief efforts, ask to be connected with Commander Daniel Bentley.

2016/2017 Tour Calendar:

Las Vegas Tour 2016:

HIPA’s final tour of 2016 is scheduled for October 20-23 in Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A.  This will mark HIPA’s fourth year in sin city; each year we get a little older, if not wiser.  Check out our tour patch:
The tour jersey design will be released on our Facebook page in mid-October! 

2017 Calendar

Every year around this time, we begin to get excited about releasing our tour calendar for the following year. HIPA’s 2017 Tour Calendar is sure to be bigger and better than any previous year!  Already we have opened registration for our first two tours…

Collingwood Ontario FOURS Hockey Tour 2017:

January 20-22, in Collingwood Ontario Canada, just a couple hours' drive from Toronto,  HIPA will return for the third year in a row to compete in one of the coolest tournament formats we’ve ever participated in.  FOURS Hockey ( is a wild 3-on-3 tournament format with free refills between games!  Ah-MAZE-ZING fun tournament weekend.  Join us now:

Mardi Gras in Lafayette Louisiana Tour 2017:

We are confident Louisiana will be ready to party come February 24-26, 2017 as Mardi Gras celebrations will be bursting out into the streets.  HIPA will be there to drink, dance and enjoy all the Mardi Gras traditions, as well as defend our championship! Join us now:
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