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Sun, Jan 1st 2017, 20:11

Borderless Hockey News October 2016

Hello HIPA members,
I write this introduction from Air Canada flight 1875 seat 27D and reflect upon the impact HIPA has made in my life. 
Tonight I am flying to Las Vegas for HIPA’s fourth annual tour to Sin City.  Prior to 2013, I had never been to Vegas.  But it’s just too easy to say, HIPA tours have enabled me to visit new places.  The fact is, “Borderless Hockey” has opened a world (quite literally) of opportunities to me, to you, to every HIPA member!
Our club has not toured everywhere (yet).  The opportunity to tour anywhere does, however, exist.  That means it’s only a matter of time and interest.  Do you want to go to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Japan, Russia, Turkey, France, Great Britain, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Mexico U.S.A., Canada or Antarctica?  How about somewhere in between?  It’s really just a matter of choosing to make it happen.
HIPA members, your fellow club members, people you can reach out to through your free hockey network are doing these things and going to these places.  And you can, too.  HIPA management continues to work on fun and exciting tours, but you can take the lead, and we can help you!
I’ve met so many people from around the world who love the game of hockey.  They are eager to lace up and tape up with you, me, anyone who loves the game.  You can’t play this game without a team, and HIPA gives you access to a team anywhere in the world.
That’s how HIPA has impacted my life.  I feel very fortunate to have been part of an organization that gives you the opportunity to embrace hockey as a lifestyle and to customize your hockey life.  In this edition of Borderless Hockey News, you will meet some of your HIPA club-mates and/or get an update on their adventures.
In a few hours, I’ll be stepping on the ice in Las Vegas with some old friends and making some new ones, both those wearing our cool Vegas 2016 tour jersey and those jealous guys on the other team wondering how they can get one for themselves.
And when the weekend is over, we’ll have memories and friendships to show for it.  Below, you will read a tour summary article, and by the time you do, many of the tour members will be back in their homes, at their jobs dreaming about their next epic hockey adventure.  What is your next hockey adventure going to be?
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Until next month, always remember to drive for your goals with your stick on the ice.

Paul de Verteuil
HIPA President

Jacksons Endeavour:

In August 2016, Mike (President of Sport Clubs International – HIPA’s parent corporation), his wife Cathy, and their children, Lilly and Greg, started the wheels rolling on what projects to be a two-year, around-the-world tour in a Volkswagen van!
The kids are being home schooled by the coolest teacher they will ever know (Mrs. Mom) who ensures the classroom environment is never stagnant.
Already on his journey, Mike has been able to visit HIPA members in Toronto and Ottawa, then onto to Montreal before crossing the border into the United States of America. The Jacksons made a stop in New Jersey before a grand return to Mike’s old stomping ground in Elko, Nevada and on to a mining convention in Las Vegas - It seems somehow that all roads lead to Las Vegas! The van continues to roll on to California and further south into Mexico.
You can follow “Jacksons Endeavour” on Facebook at
We’ll be sure to provide updates on “Jacksons Endeavour “ in future editions of HIPA’s Borderless Hockey News; however, we encourage you to “LIKE” the Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss them as their van rolls through your part of the world!

The Hockey Foundation:

In recent editions, Borderless Hockey News has shared some of the work being done by The Hockey Foundation (www.hockeyfoundation.org).  We initially heard about their work in India through a social media post, and when club president Paul de Verteuil spoke with Adam Sherlip (Founder & Head Coach of The Hockey Foundation and now HIPA member), he knew immediately that he liked what this organization stood for - to share happiness & change lives, one puck at a time.
In September, Adam and Paul were able to meet over a (Starbucks) coffee in Ottawa, Canada.  The hockey foundation is looking for good people, hockey people who want to help others in different areas of the world.  If you have been looking for a way to get involved, to help others through hockey, do not hesitate to reach out to Adam or Paul and let us know.  It’s not hard to hit reply and type, “Let me know how can I help!”

Antarctic Hockey Tour May 2017:

Ryan Bahl, the founder of www.hockeyconnection.net, is the driving force behind www.antarctichockey.com and also a HIPA member.  He is pulling together all kinds of people and resources to make a May 2017 Antarctic Hockey Tour happen.  While this tour will make Ryan the first person to play hockey on all seven continents, it will also raise environmental awareness.  It is believed to be the first official outdoor hockey on the continent and raises the question, will we always be able to skate outdoors in Antarctica?
Ryan is happy to have the support from HIPA members.  If you think you can help out, reach out to Ryan through his HIPA account and start the conversation!
Visit www.antarctichockey.com for more information and to sign up if interested.

Las Vegas Tour 2016:

Ten tour members laid their heads to rest in Las Vegas on Thursday October 20, 2016; some earlier than others, as you might expect.  Tour Manager Paul de Verteuil had his doubts that all members would arrive on time for Friday’s 8:45 am tournament opening game, so he scheduled a 7:45 am team breakfast.
Tour members proved to be a dedicated bunch, and 9 of 10 players were on the ice for warm-up.  90% isn’t bad, and since the one tardy player was only late because of an accident on the freeway, we decided to let it slide.  However, as a veteran HIPA tour member, Allan MacDonald suspected that faux-pas might come back to haunt him later in the tour!
Two games on Friday yielded two losses, but the improvement in team-play from game 1 to game 2 was encouraging.  Tour veteran Scott Khou brought his sniper stick this year, scoring HIPA’s first of the morning against a strong Yukon 1 team.  Additional goals were scored by HIPA tour rookie Rick Andersen and veteran Allan MacDonald.
A Denny’s brunch between games helped the team bond.  This tour’s only female player, Wendy Smith (tour rookie), accounted for HIPA’s goal against a solid Shamrock’s team in the afternoon game.  Friday night, a core group of players chose to dine together at a steakhouse called “Off The Strip” before checking out some of the Las Vegas night life.  As is typical on HIPA tours, the tour manager did a very poor job of enforcing the 9:30pm curfew.
Saturday morning comes early following Friday nights in Las Vegas, and our 9:50 am game was another tough match-up, this time against another impressive team from way up North,  Yukon 2.  Again, the resiliency of HIPA members proved impressive as the full roster was on time to play.  Tour manager Paul de Verteuil accounted for HIPA’s single marker, but said, “We just missed so many chances!”
An unusual scheduling quirk meant that our Silver Championship game would be played on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, this left our local boy and goaltender Alexandro Velez unavailable to guard the nets.  Another local keeper (Rob) stood in for us, keeping our hopes alive.  The competition in this game would be none other than the Chicago/California/Calgary Shamrocks, giving us a chance at redemption.  Despite HIPA tour veteran Jay Obmerga scoring and the ever-steady defensive play of HIPA tour veteran Paul Daudet, we fell short, conceding victory to our longtime rivals (and HIPA members Sue and Bill O’Connor from Chicago).  Well-deserved victory to the Shamrocks.
Following our fourth game in two days, the team met to lick our wounds and celebrate another epic hockey adventure.  Patches were presented in our traditional ceremony, and (in case anyone was worried) Allan MacDonald’s tardiness did in fact come back to get him during a rather subdued court session.
HIPA’s “Forward Pass” initiative continued as Jay Obmerga accepted, on behalf of the Las Vegas 2016 tour team, the gifted goalie stick from the Montreal 2016 tour team.  We were fortunate to have three members from Montreal’s team on hand to complete the pass in person.
It would be a shame if we did not mention the following.  Three members of this tour (Chris and Wendy Smith, Kevin Cook) prominently wore a helmet sticker in honour of their good friend and hockey brother who is bravely battling cancer back in Arkansas.  We wish him all the best.  Jay Obmerga wore a #11 jersey with “Sanders” across the back in tribute to his nephew, a promising young athlete who was sadly the victim of a fatal shooting.  We wish the family strength.
HIPA’s epic hockey adventure in Las Vegas proved to be more than just a hockey weekend.

2017 Calendar

Every year around this time, we begin to get excited about releasing our tour calendar for the following year. HIPA’s 2017 Tour Calendar is sure to be bigger and better than any previous year!  Already we have opened registration for our first two tours…

Collingwood Ontario FOURS Hockey Tour 2017:

January 20-22, in Collingwood Ontario Canada, just a couple hours' drive from Toronto,  HIPA will return for the third year in a row to compete in one of the coolest tournament formats we’ve ever participated in.  FOURS Hockey (www.fourshockey.com) is a wild 3-on-3 tournament format with free refills between games!  Ah-MAZE-ZING fun tournament weekend.  Join us now:

Mardi Gras in Lafayette Louisiana Tour 2017:

We are confident Louisiana will be ready to party come February 24-26, 2017, as Mardi Gras celebrations will be bursting out into the streets.  HIPA will be there to drink, dance and enjoy all the Mardi Gras traditions as well as defend our championship! Join us now:
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